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Satellite Broadband

Today, satellite connectivity goes far beyond just voice calling. Email, social media, texting and video are all available using a range of different mobile satellite broadband solutions that can be set-up quickly, and used from virtually anywhere on earth.

The key is understanding your options, and then choosing the right equipment. Consider where you will need to be, how many users you will need to support, and what bandwidth will get the job done.

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Daylight panels with up to 10 times longer efficiency lifespan and twice the conversion rate than of thin film panels along with a 20-year warranty.

Inmarsat Satellite Internet Services

Inmarsat Satellite Internet

Inmarsat broadband portfolio offers a selection of services, both mobile and fixed, enabling you to use office-based tools, such as email, the web or VPN, anywhere in the world – as well as applications requiring higher bandwidth like videoconferencing, telemedicine and live broadcasting.

Inmarsat broadband portfolio operates over 4 global geostationary satellites ensuring reliable call stability and network connection. To connect to the satellite, the terminal must have line-of-sight to one of the 4 satellites, meaning there can’t be any trees, walls, or building between the terminal and the satellite. Often, a terminal is placed outside, but in can be inside and point through a window if the satellite can be seen. The satellites are in stationary orbit around the planet so that no matter where the terminal may connect. Only the extreme polar regions are unable to connect because the satellites are below the horizon, and can’t be seen.


Inmarsat BGAN service provides simultaneous voice and broadband data communications globally from small and lightweight satellite terminals.

Connect your BGAN terminal to a portable PC or smart device using Standard IP to access the internet for applications such as web browsing and email, or choose from a range of guaranteed Streaming IP rates to meet all your data, voice and video needs.

Iridium Satellite Internet Services

The right broadband solution, whatever your communication needs.

For email, web browsing, social media, crew calls home to family and friends, or a back-up to your VSAT system the Iridium OpenPort broadband service gives you big ship communications capability on a small ship’s budget.

Low-Cost Airtime: The Iridium OpenPort broadband service can substantially reduce your satellite communications costs compared to mini-M, Fleet or even FleetBroadband, while providing better reliability and throughput.

Flexible Voice and Data Plans: The Iridium OpenPort broadband service offers a wide range of customizable voice and data plans allowing you to choose what best suits your needs and your budget—if you don’t use a service, you don’t pay for it.

High Reliability and Availability: The unique Iridium constellation of 66 cross-linked Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites provides inherent advantages over GEO satellite constellations, delivering robust, low latency communications. Many customers with mission-critical communications requirements rely on the Iridium OpenPort Service for a reliable back-up to Ku-band and Ka-band VSAT, and other communications solutions on their vessel.

Global Coverage and Connectivity: The Iridium OpenPort broadband service is powered by the world’s largest and only truly global commercial communication network, providing pole-to-pole coverage for ships at sea. For ships traveling in the polar regions (Sea Area A4), Iridium OpenPort broadband service provides an excellent solution for reliable communications and is the only broadband option available.

Inmarsat High-Speed Satellite Internet Services

Inmarsat Global Xpress

Inmarsat Global Xpress is the first high-speed broadband network to span the world. It delivers seamless, globally available, high-speed broadband connectivity on land, at sea, and in the air – provided by a single operator.

The GX constellation is formed of three Ka-band, high-speed mobile broadband communications satellites. Each I-5 satellite is expected to have a commercial life of 15 years and together, the three satellites provide the coverage required to deliver global GX services. A fourth Global Xpress satellite (I-5 F4) is scheduled to be launched in the second half of 2016 in order to provide additional GX capacity.

The I-5 satellites operate with a combination of fixed narrow spot beams that enable Inmarsat to deliver higher speeds through more compact terminals, plus steerable beams so additional capacity can be directed in real-time to where it’s needed.

Operating in the resilient Ka-band, while integrating seamlessly with our proven L-band network, GX allows customers across aviation, maritime, enterprise and government sectors to have reliable and assured access to high-throughput communications.