Portable Power

Day-light panels

Power electronic equipment directly or charge Battery Packs


Voltage Regulators

Some electronic equipment requires a voltage regulator for connections to a day-light panel

Battery Packs

Store power until it is needed

Power Cases

Portable all-in-one high capacity power solution

Portable Power

You can use portable power solutions for a variety of reasons, from emergency kits you can keep at home to smaller, lightweight and portable kits that you pack in your backpack.

Daylight panels provide convenient energy to keep your satellite and cell phone or laptop charged when you are far away from the nearest wall plug. Complemening the daylight panels with additional power banks will provide you with spare power even at night.

Where there is light – there is electricity

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Daylight panels with up to 10 times longer efficiency lifespan and twice the conversion rate than of thin film panels along with a 20-year warranty.

IDG Daylight Panels
IDG Daylight Panels

IDG Daylight Panels

High quality portable day-light panels developed by IDG Europe

Light-weight, high-power portable solar power systems,suitable for satellite telephones, radio transceivers, video cameras, surveillance sensors, and for any other kind of equipment with built-in batteries.

Built on dural aluminum, with low-reflectance plastic front and are extremely sturdy. The high efficiency mono-crystalline silicon cells gives them a very high power-to-weight ratio.

Up to 10 times longer efficiency lifespan and twice the conversion rate than of thin film panels.

They have edge protectors, and come ready for use with 1 m. cable with plug for charging 12 volt systems. 24 volt systems are optional, as well as longer cables, and carrying cases.

All T-series Panels can be used with our PowerCases and Battery Packs.

Specifications for Portable Daylight Panels
IDG T-60               (3 panels) IDG T-40                       (2 panels) IDG T-20               (1 panel) IDG T-20F            (2 panels) IDG T-10              (1 panel)
Nominal Power  (Pmax) 60 Wp 40 Wp 20 Wp 20 Wp 10 Wp
Voltage at Pmax  (Umax) 17.9 Volt 17.9 Volt 17.9 Volt 17.9 Volt 9 Volt
Current at Pmax  (Imax) 3.3 Amp 2.2 Amp 1.1 Amp 1.1 Amp 1.1 Amp
Weight complete 2960 grams 1960 grams 970 grams 920 grams 450 grams
Dimensions, unfolded 985x450x6 mm 655x450x6 mm 325x450x6 mm 470x345x6 mm 235x345x6 mm
Dimensions, folded 330x450x25 mm 330x450x13 mm 325x450x6 mm 235x345x13 mm 235x345x6 mm

Rechargeble Battery Pack

The IDG Daylight panels produce power that can be passed to dying gadgets, but there’s no way to store that power for later. That’s why we recommend pairing daylight panels with one of our rechargeble battery packs. Used together, you can take advantage of the daylight during the day and recharge your devices overnight.

Some electronic equipment such as laptop PC’s or the BGAN satellite terminals Explorer 500 & 300 can not be charged directly from solar (daylight) panels. A regulator or battery, between the equipment to be charged and the daylight panel, is then needed.

Isatphone Satellite phone coverage
Power Kits

Power Kits

Portable all-in-one high capacity power solutions customized to meet your requirements.

The power kits features versatile options to let you grab the power stored in it. You can have multiple USB ports to link any of your USB-enabled phones, tablets and cameras to the power source. Plus, you can charge many standard electric appliance on its 12V or 24V power unit.

It is a ready to use power kit that you can connect to IDG daylight panels to charge its battery from daylight. You also have the options like wall outlets and car socket to charge it from.