Magnetic Induction Comms


Wireless, twoway, through-earth communication systems


Non detectable

High resiliency to conventional electronic warfare countermeasures


No Interferance

Low frequencies ensures there is no interference with other conventional systems

Through the Earth Communication

Communications through any natural medium such as water, ice, earth and rock

Magnetic Induction Comms

Unlike radio frequency (RF) and acoustic signals, the low frequency Magnetic Induction (MI) signal can penetrate through air-water boundaries, providing users with secure and reliable connectivity in most acoustically challenging environments.

Typical application is voice / data communication, sensor control, alarm, weapon activation or navigation.


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Daylight panels with up to 10 times longer efficiency lifespan and twice the conversion rate than of thin film panels along with a 20-year warranty.

Magnetic Induction Communication

Ultra Electronics Ultra Electronics is a defense and aerospace company specializing in the design, manufacture and support of electronic and electromechanical systems, sub systems, products and services for aircraft, ships, submarines, armored vehicles, surveillance and communication systems, airport and transport systems. Ultra Electronics’ Affiliated Company, Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems (UEMS), has developed a new method for communication where you communicate through Magnetic-induction (MI).

MI is a wireless technology that uses pure magnetic fields rather than radio’s electro-magnetic fields to communicate. MI has the ability to ”punch through” most natural and manmade barriers to provide effective tactical communication and command and control.

MI can communicate wirelessly through soil, rock, salt water and urban structures while radio will not.

Because MI does not use propagating electromagnetic waves, it is not readily jammed (unlike radio).

Since it is range limited by design, it is inherently LPD and LPI.

Since the system works through every media it can be used for communication in caves, tunnels or bunkers where wireless communication equipment usually not work.

Typical application is voice / data communication, sensor control, alarm, weapon activation or navigation.

IDG Europe AB is Global Representative for the UEMS Magnetic Induction products, which are at present available only to government organizations.