Inmarsat Test Call Service

As long as you have active airtime on your satellite phone, you can test to see whether your IsatPhone Pro or IsatPhone 2 is working without incurring airtime charges.

  1. Make sure you have a registered signal on your satellite phone.
  2. Dial +8707 7699 9999.
  3. (You may need to dial “00” first)
  4. Press the green call button.
  5. If the call is successful you will hear a recorded message from Inmarsat.

Iridium Test Call Service

As a service to all satellite phone users, Iridium provides a dedicated test number to call and ensure your handset is working properly at all times. To test,

  1. Turn on your phone and make sure it registers on the network.
  2. Call 1-480-752-5105*
  3. If your phone is working, you will hear a call completion confirmation message as well some quick tips on proper handset usage. If you discover that your phone is not operational, contact your Iridium service provider.

*Calls from Iridium handsets will not be charged airtime.

Thuraya Test Call Service

Dial 11 11 2 to test your Thuraya phone

Your satellite phone needs to be in optimal working condition when you need it. To ensure your phone is prepared, a regular Thuraya phone test provides you with peace of mind that ensures your satellite phone is working when it is needed. To facilitate satellite phone testing, Thuraya provides the free service number 11 11 2 that can be dialed from any Thuraya handset. Upon dialing this number, a short confirmation message will be played and if you can hear the message it means your phone is in working condition and your subscription is valid.

General tips to prepare and maintain your Thuraya phone:

  • Test your Thuraya phone regularly, especially if you have not used it for some time (Dial 11 11 2 from your Thuraya phone to test it)
  • Charge the phone battery once a month
  • Check your subscription or credit balance

Advice for optimal satellite phone usage:

  • Use your satellite phone outdoors with direct line of sight to the satellite
  • Always fully extend the satellite antenna
  • Wait for the network and for the GPS indicator to stop flashing to connect