PowerAck 50 – Universal External Battery

Charge all your portable devices (laptop, digital camera, digital camcorder, MP3, PDA, GSM, GPS, Satellite phone etc.)



Charge all your portable devices (laptop, digital camera, digital camcorder, MP3, PDA, GSM, GPS, Satellite phone.. etc).

Some electronic equipment such as laptop PC’s or the BGAN satellite terminals Explorer 500 & 300 can not be charged directly from solar (daylight) panels. A regulator or battery between the equipment to be charged and the solar panel is then needed.

This external universal battery can be charged from a mains power socket (220V), a cigarette lighter socket (12V) or from a solar panel.

Key Features of PowerAck 50:

A lightweight power supply to keep laptops and tablets charged up anywhere you go. The PowerAck50 is easy to pack and light to carry so your gear now goes the same distance you do.

There are three ways to quickly recharge the PowerAck 50:

The Sun – The PowerAck 50 can be charged by connecting an IDG daylight panel.

Wall – The PowerAck 50 can be charged by being plugged into a regular wall outlet.

Car – The PowerAck 50 can also be charged by plugging into your car 12V adapter.

Accessories included:

  • 1x       Output cord
  • 8x      Tips for laptop + transport pouch
  • 1x      Protection pouch
  • 1x      Car charger male
  • 1x      AC power adapter 110/220V

(The product comes with a European plug)

Technical Specifications

Technology  Lithium Polymer
Power  50 W
Current Max  4A
Input  12 – 20V
Output  5V/1.5A, 6V/1.5A, 7.5V/1.5A, 9V/1.5A, 12V/2A, 14V/ 2A, 16V/3A, 19V/3A
USB output  5V/1A
Capacity Max (Ah/V)  10Ah/5V,  8.3Ah/6V,  6.6Ah/7.5V,  5.5Ah/9V,  4.1Ah/12V,       3.5Ah/14V,  3.1Ah/16V,  2.6Ah/19V
Storage T°  -20°C/ +43°C
Charge T°  0°C/ +45°C
Discharge T°  -20°C/ +60°C


Size and weight

Size  83 x 173 x 23 mm
Weight  450 g
Size  205 x 85 x 245 mm
Weight  1335 g


Typical Charge Time

Portable device Extra power
PowerAck50 (50 Wh)
Notebook computers  3.5 hrs
Portable DVD players  6 hrs
Digital cameras  4800 photos
Camcorders  12 hrs
Satellite terminal BGAN Explorer 500  50 hrs Standby
 3,5 hrs Transmit
Satellite telephone Iridium  17 hrs of talk time
Portable CD players  96 hrs
PDAs  14 hrs
Mobile phones  60 hrs of talk time

Additional information

Weight 1.335 kg
Dimensions 24.5 x 20.5 x 8.5 cm

Land/Mobile, Maritime

Type of Device

Handheld, Mobile, Portable


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