3 May 2017 Customer Day

As the IDG and Network Innovations partnership grows, 2017 will continue to be a year of firsts. On 3 May 2017, the IDG team (Part of the Network Innovations Group) hosted their first customer day in Stockholm Sweden presenting attendees the unique opportunity to discuss live with industry leaders from Cobham, Datapath, and Newtec Satellite Communication services utilizing MAVERICK high-speed data solutions, PTT Interconnectivity solutions, industry leading Dialog platform, expanded L-Band services along with GX and NewsSpotter network advancements. Mother nature cooperated with the teams providing a sunny, clear day allowing the participants to step outside and interact with live, commissioned terminals.

With the Scandic Hasselbacken as a backdrop, the teams were able to configure state of the art BGAN and VSAT solutions that deliver higher speeds with greater cost efficiencies for the Government and Enterprise markets. Kristian Brehm and Matthew Alp from Cobham presented their leading BGAN (Explorer 510, 710, and 540) and VSAT (Explorer 3075Ka, 5057GX) terminals adding even greater value with an Explorer 8100 Drive-Away terminal on live Eutelsat’s NewsSpotter service and the 8100 was actually mounted on car, deployed, and live within minutes! Ake Jonsson from Datapath set up a comprehensive selection of CCT, QCT and Q series VSAT terminals demonstrating the company’s ability to provide tailored VSAT terminal solutions supporting a diverse range of customers. Attendees at the customer day gained added value integrating the VSAT solutions with the leading Dialog platform hubs presented by Koen Williams from Newtec.

The 3 May customer day represented the first of many events and activities hosted by the IDG and Network Innovations teams aligning global expertise and knowledge with strong industry partnerships resulting in greater value and service for our Swedish Client Partners. Thank you to all our partners and clients who participated in this in-depth day of demos, networking, and knowledge.

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