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A problem solving engineering company with special focus on communication.

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   Satellite communication since 1992

      Please contact us for an appointment to discuss your security requirements.           Registered with CCR, CAGE, NCAGE och ORCA

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Iridium GO!                             


BGAN 510                          

BGAN 710                               


Global Xpress (GX)        

HNS 9211 - HDR                            


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Satcom for M2M / SCADA

CryptoPhone 500 in the news

IDG Europe establishes aero division idg.aero


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Radio communication


Products for civil and military applications in HF, with the latest technology. The HF equipment is designed to meet the most stringent requirements and meet the most demanding situations. The products are characterized by being trustworthy, robust, compatible and cost effective.

Portable power


Unique products developed to give mobile and independent power supply for all kinds of electronic equipment e.g laptop computers,

satellite terminals, mobile phones, radios, measuring equipment, cameras, etc in the most demanding environments.  

Typical applications: 
- Continuous charging of batteries.
- Power source in emergencies.
-When working in environments lacking infrastructure.

Satellite communication


We offer a wide range of communication solutions within satcom.

We have communication solutions matching all requirements. Users include rescue operations, emergency kits, standalone communication packages, M2M/SCADA applications and much more.

Read more about: Satellite phones, Inmarsat BGAN, Thuraya IP+, Iridium SBD and BGAN M2M

Product support

BGAN 710 - batteri issue solved ...Read more


New firmware under Support Menu:

BGAN 710 - v1.05

Iridium Extreme - HL15002

HNS 9502 -

SBD 9602/9603 - TA14001

FBB Sailor - v1.18

Explorer 325/727 - v1.18


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